Higashi Hiroshima Centre
67-1, Shiwachokanmuri, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken
Higashi Hiroshima Centre
Location Hiroshima

67-1, Shiwachokanmuri, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken
Gross Floor Area 26,969  sqm
Net Lettable Area 26,833  sqm
Platform/Funding Mapletree Logistics Trust
Tel: +81 3 6459 6469
Email: Ask-MapletreeLog@mapletree.com.sg

Higashi Hiroshima Centre  is a modern two-storey single block dry logistics facility with a highly functional and versatile design to support flexible leasing solutions. Centrally located in the Hiroshima prefecture of the Chugoku region in Japan, the Property is well connected to Greater Osaka in the east and Kyushu Island in the west, making it an ideal location for regional distribution. Sited within the Shiwa industrial and logistics cluster, the Property is adjacent to the Sanyo Expressway, which provides excellent access to Hiroshima city centre as well as Hiroshima Airport.