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Mapletree receives 2022 URA Architectural Heritage Award for St James Power Station
04 Nov 2022


SINGAPORE – Mapletree Investments (“Mapletree” or “the Group”) is pleased to announce that the newly restored St James Power Station (“SJPS”) has received the 2022 Award for Conservation & Innovation as part of the URA Architectural Heritage Award (“AHA”). In recognition of its exemplary performance, the project was also accorded the additional mark of Distinction, which is reserved for exceptional projects that excel in all assessment criteria.

Mr Edmund Cheng, Chairman, Mapletree, said, “It gives us great pleasure that our vision and plans to restore and rejuvenate St James Power Station is recognised by the URA. This iconic monument not only marks a strategic point in Singapore's history but is also a landmark symbolic of the nation's adaptive agility for the future." 

This marks the second time Mapletree is receiving the URA AHA for SJPS. The first award was granted in 2010 following Mapletree’s first round of restoration works undertaken in the mid-2000s. Extensive research and conservation works were carried out on the key architectural elements for the latest round of restoration works. More details can be found in Annex A.

Sustainability was integrated into the architectural design and building operations as part of Mapletree’s commitment to incorporate sustainable practices in all its businesses. A significant reduction in embodied carbon footprint was achieved through adaptive reuse as compared to the construction of a new building. 

A permanent exhibition comprising a Heritage Gallery is housed in one of the distinctive chimneys, and a Heritage Trail featuring maritime artefacts around the monument is open to the public with free admission. For more information, please visit

Annex A – Restoration work to key architectural elements
Available for download here: 
Photo Credits: Mapletree Investments


Fair-faced brick wall

The façades are constructed of a self-supporting brick envelope in a fair-faced finish. They were produced at Alexandra Brickworks, the first brickyard in Singapore to make bricks with modern machinery on a large scale.

Steam cleaning was conducted on the entire building to remove the stubborn black soot accumulated on the surface. Cracks were also repaired using different methods per the severity of the damage, while incompatible latter-day patches were carefully repaired or replaced.

Steel Structures

The historic steel elements, including the steel beams, columns and roof trusses in SJPS were imported from England in the 1920s. During the restoration, the steel elements were retained as much as possible through the rust removal process and the application of a protective process for preservation.

Mild Steel Windows

Originally constructed in mild steel back in 1920s, the façade windows have been replaced with aluminium profiles over the years. The windows have been restored to mild-steel to match the original profiles but with modifications to meet today’s environmental standards like acoustic and thermal insulation required of modern office space.

Timber Doors and Windows

The façade openings were carefully documented and reinstated according to archival photographs and records. Historic timber doors and windows were removed and carefully restored off-site.

Façade Elements

Some façade elements such as corbels and ledges that were found to be missing from the original design have also been reinstated to restore the legibility of the original architecture of SJPS.


Photos of St James Power Station

​St James Power Station

Evening shot of St James Power Station

Interior of St James Power Station - New floating floor slabs were sensitively inserted at selected locations within the power station to introduce additional space for modern office use. 

Interior of St James Power Station (from another angle): The floor slabs have been set back deliberately to create a long void so that the side façade of the block can be fully appreciated.


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The URA AHA was launched in 1995 to recognise well restored gazetted national monuments and conserved buildings in Singapore. The scheme aims to recognise projects that have gone beyond the basic requirements to conserve a building. It serves to encourage conservation best practices, both in technical restoration of the building’s physical fabric, as well as the intangible aspects of creating long-term value for the wider community. Starting from 2022, the AHA is given out once every two years. For more details, please visit