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Big Dreams in Young Hands – Talented Youths Awarded Opportunity to Further Their Passion in the Arts
08 Apr 2021
  • Welcoming the Mapletree-TENG Academy Scholars of 2021

SINGAPORE – Four youths will advance their musical education journey with the support of Mapletree Investments (“Mapletree” or “the Group”) and The TENG Academy (“TENG”). Aspiring musicians Jadelynn Soh En Xuan, Ang De Jin, Teressa Teo and Ryan Lim Ming Zheng are the proud recipients of the Mapletree-TENG Academy Scholarship 2021. The scholarship which is in its fourth year, provides individuals aged 21 and below who are passionate in Chinese music with S$10,000 each for a 2-year tenure.

From left to right: Jadelynn Soh, Ang De Jin, Ryan Lim, Teressa Teo

The scholarship programme sets the stage for talented youths to pursue a musical education  that may otherwise have been limited by their financial circumstances1. By providing a holistic support system beyond monetary value, the scholarship offers performance opportunities and taps on TENG’s network to ensure a well-rounded experience for the scholars.

“Since the Mapletree-TENG Academy Scholarship started in 2018, the number of applicants has grown more than twofold. We see this interest as an encouraging sign for the continuation of Chinese music in Singapore, and Mapletree is glad to play a role in supporting the education and journey of our young local musicians.” said Mr Wan Kwong Weng, Group Chief Corporate Officer, Mapletree. 

“I want not just fellow Singaporeans but also other people to realise that Chinese music is just as nice as Western classical. When I grow up, I want to see more and more people appreciating Chinese music. That's my ultimate goal.” said Teressa Teo, age 13, from Nanyang Girls’ High School.

“This scholarship has not only helped our scholars continue their passion for their Chinese music learning journey but we have also guided them holistically through our tracked programs such as progress checks and training them for music competitions and grading examinations.” said Nancy Ong, Head of Outreach at TENG. 

A total of 17 applicants were shortlisted for the auditions held on 20 March 2021. 

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1 Eligibility criteria includes Per Capita Income for each family/household of S$2,000 or lower.

Mapletree-TENG Academy Scholars

Name Age Instrument School
Teressa Teo 13 Erhu Nanyang Girls High School
Jadelynn Soh En Xuan 14 Guzheng Nan Hua High School
Ang De Jin 17 Ruan Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
Ryan Lim Ming Zheng 19 Erhu Temasek Polytechnic



Name Age Instrument School
Ee Anzhi
Poi Ching School
Hong Xin Ying Athena
Guzheng Tao Nan School
Seetoh Yoke Cheong
Maris Stella High School
Tan Jiale
Woodgrove Secondary School
Cheng Yu Xuan 16 Percussion Swiss Cottage Secondary School
Kee Teng Hwee 20 Guzheng ITE College West



Name Age Instrument School
Leow Hua Xi
8 Pipa
Punggol Primary School
Fong Yu Jie
Guzheng Maha Bodhi School
Brian Chow Joon Hong
Radin Mas Primary School
Ryan Lim Ming Zheng
Erhu Temasek Polytechnic



Name Age Instrument School
Chua Yee Ting
Qifa Primary School
Lu Jietao
Victoria School
Chan Keng Sing
Temasek Polytechnic
Kee Teng Hwee
ITE College West



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TENG is a leading not-for-profit Singaporean arts company that re-imagines the possibilities of Chinese music. Founded in 2004, the company comprises a collective of music educators, scholars and award-winning instrumentalists. TENG’s work draws its influence from the East and the West; and the traditional and the contemporary. 鼟 (pronounced “tēng”) – as one of the most complex characters in the Chinese language – is an ancient Chinese representation for the sound of a drum. It is a symbol of TENG’s aspiration to bring cultures together and nurture future generations of musicians and audiences in Chinese music.

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