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Mapletree launches public education exhibition on novel green aerogel technology by NUS
13 Jan 2023
  • The exhibition at VivoCity showcases daily and industrial applications of green aerogels, developed by researchers from NUS College of Design and Engineering and supported by Mapletree’s commitment of S$155,000 in 2020.
  • Aligned to Mapletree’s sustainability commitment

SINGAPORE – Mapletree Investments (“Mapletree” or “the Group”) and National University of Singapore College of Design and Engineering (“NUS CDE”) are pleased to launch a public education exhibition at VivoCity, titled “From Waste to Useful Aerogel: Upcycling for Sustainability”. The exhibition is supported by Mapletree as part of the Group’s recent ad-hoc donation.

Open to the public during the mall’s operating hours, the exhibition runs from 12 to 18 January 2023, showcasing the green aerogel developed by the NUS CDE. The novel technology turn waste materials, such as scrap rubber tyres, pineapple leaves, plastic bottles and aluminium into useful aerogels with a variety of daily and industrial applications, from lightweight winter wear to oil spill management. Samples of various aerogels that have been developed will be shown at the exhibit.

Mr Edmund Cheng, Chairman of Mapletree said, “As a real estate company committed to sustainable development and investment, we are pleased to see good progress in the development of green aerogel technology. Aligned to Mapletree’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) pillars of environment and education, we are delighted to support NUS CDE in organising this exhibition at VivoCity to educate the public about the importance of recycling and doing our part to reduce negative impact on the environment.”

Professor Aaron Thean, Dean of NUS College of Design and Engineering said, “At the NUS College of Design and Engineering, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and design to solve complex real-world problems such as sustainability and climate change. We are deeply grateful to industry partners like Mapletree for their strong support in enabling us to amplify the positive societal impact of our research, and our green aerogel technologies are excellent examples. Through this public exhibition, we also hope to inspire more young and talented engineers with a passion for the environment.”

Associate Professor Hai Minh Duong, Principal Investigator at the Department of Mechanical Engineering under NUS CDE, led a walkthrough of the exhibition for Mapletree’s CSR Board Committee and senior faculty members of NUS on 12 January 2023. He shared how his team of research staff and students had developed long-term solutions that could significantly reduce the harmful effects of waste materials on the environment and society. Members of the public can learn more about their green aerogel technology by visiting the exhibition.  

Exhibition Details:
From Waste to Useful Aerogel: Upcycling for Sustainability – An exhibition on NUS research supported by Mapletree

Public education exhibition jointly organised by NUS and Mapletree

Date: 12 to 18 January 2023
Venue: VivoCity Level 1, Southeast Boulevard (near The Queen & Mangosteen), 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585

Available for download here:
Photo Credits: Mapletree Investments

(Left to right) Mr Edmund Cheng, Mapletree Chairman; Professor Tan Eng Chye , NUS President; Mr Tan Wah Yeow, Mapletree CSR Board Committee Member; Mr Wan Kwong Weng, Group Chief Corporate Officer, Mapletree; and Mr Hiew Yoon Khong, Group Chief Executive Officer, Mapletree, at the exhibition, hosted by Associate Professor Hai Minh Duong, Principal Investigator, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS College of Design and Engineering

Associate Professor Hai Minh Duong presenting the sample of an aerogel created from recycled PET bottles

The exhibition at VivoCity showcases daily and industrial applications of green aerogels  

(Left to right) Professor Tan Eng Chye, NUS President, presenting a token of appreciation to Mr Edmund Cheng, Mapletree Chairman in recognition of Mapletree’s support for furthering aerogel research and co-organising the public education exhibition at VivoCity

(Right to left) Mr Hiew Yoon Khong, Mapletree’s Group Chief Executive Officer presenting a plaque to Associate Professor Hai Minh Duong to recognise his team’s green aerogel research and for organising the public education exhibition at VivoCity

Mapletree senior management and CSR Board Committee Members, as well as NUS leadership commemorated the public education exhibition at VivoCity with a guided walkthrough on 12 January 2023



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