Key Facts
Adding value to real estate
CIMB-Mapletree Real Estate Fund 1

  • Fund objective is to maximise total return by investing in a portfolio of income producing properties for rental income and capital gains and development projects for development profits in Malaysia
  • Co-managed with CIMB
  • Fully invested portfolio comprising 13 investments
  • Fund is in divestment phase

Mapletree co-manages CIMB-Mapletree Real Estate Fund 1 (CMREF1), a Malaysia-focused real estate fund, through a joint venture with CIMB in Malaysia. CMREF1 makes direct investments in development and investment properties in Malaysia including investments in real estate investment products and listed real estate securities. CMREF1 held its final closing in 2005 with committed capital of MYR 402 million. This closed-end fund has a commitment and distribution period of four years each and is currently in its distribution phase.

Fund Overview
Fund Type Close-ended Private Fund
Legal structure Malaysia Incorporated
Vintage 2005
Asset Class Office, Retail, Residential, Mixed-use
Investment Universe Malaysia
Fund Life 14 years
Fund Size (MYR mn) 402
Mapletree Stake 25%