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Developing for success and sustainability
Building a Strong Volunteerism Spirit

Recognising that successful community initiatives go beyond financial giving, Mapletree’s employees volunteer their time actively and engage the communities where they are based at. To encourage a spirit of giving among employees, the Mapletree Staff CSR Programme was launched in June 2014 to provide seed funding for staff to carry out CSR projects which may not fall within the Group's CSR coverage.

As we expand beyond Asia, we have also broadened the reach and impact of Mapletree’s CSR programmes by funding staff-initiated CSR activities in key countries where Mapletree has a business presence. 

In FY17/18, seven staff-led CSR projects across five countries (China, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and the UK) were awarded seed funding of up to S$5,000 each. It is encouraging to see that the volunteering spirit is prevalent in Mapletree, and we look forward to rallying more staff to participate in FY18/19.

Singapore-based staff CSR initiatives


The Mapletree Logistics team was one of the Singapore teams who was awarded with seed funding, and the team worked with the National Parks Board to customise planter boxes for the elderly at the St Andrew’s Nursing Home (Henderson). The plants and herbs, planted by both staff volunteers and seniors from the Home, formed part of the Home’s Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Programme. The team has also organised a follow-up activity where children from a nearby pre-school visited the Home for gardening and crafts activities with the seniors.


In addition, we are supporters of the National Blood Programme and have been the venue sponsor for the annual Blood Donation Drives at Mapletree Business City (MBC) for the past six years. To promote greater participation, two donation drives were held in 2016, which saw more than 280 bags of blood collected over four days.



Outreach efforts by overseas staff volunteers

The Mapletree teams in Vietnam and United Kingdom (UK) were awarded seed funding for the first time under the Mapletree Staff CSR Programme. 

The Vietnam team delivered daily necessities, as well as donations of clothes and shoes for more than 60 children aged four to 14 years from the SOS Children’s Village – Go Vap. The Village provides day care for families with young children, and takes in children who can no longer live with their parents due to financial circumstances.

The UK team successfully rallied staff to work together to transform spaces at the Football Samurai Academy, in North Acton, into spaces for community and sports activities.

In China, staff volunteers from Mapletree’s Shanghai office made several visits to children under the care of BY Children’s Health Hospital, the first non-profit organisation specialising in helping autistic children. The team brought gifts, helped to decorate the space and guided the children in handicraft activities in celebration of Children’s Day. While the Beijing team continued their support for children under the care of the New Hope Foundation which provides care and arrange medical treatment for abandoned babies.