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$44,000 awarded to financially support four local young musicians in their pursuit of musical excellence
06 Apr 2023

SINGAPORE – Four youths between the age of 11 and 20 were selected for the 2023 intake of the Mapletree-TENG Scholarship, previously known as the Mapletree-TENG Academy Scholarship. The scholarship funding has grown to $11,000 per scholar tenable for two years, providing recipients from less-privileged backgrounds with financial support to pursue their passion for Chinese music over a two-year period.

Established in 2018, the Mapletree-TENG Scholarship is a partnership between Mapletree Investments (“Mapletree” or “the Group”) and The TENG Company (“TENG”). The programme financially supports the musical education and nurtures young talents aged 21 and below who possess aptitude and passion for Chinese music.

Delivered through TENG’s Industry Empowerment arm, the scholarship puts recipients through a holistic programme which includes robust individual training classes with professional instructors, mentorships, and performance opportunities. In turn, scholars will be given opportunities to give back to society by using their musical skills in community outreach programmes.

Mr Edmund Cheng, Mapletree Chairman, said, “It is heartening to see the good impact of long-term support, with a number of Mapletree-TENG scholars making their mark in a nation-wide music competition last year. As we approach the scholarship’s sixth year, we are proud to work with TENG to preserve the heritage of traditional Chinese music. We hope that this year’s boost in funding will continue to contribute to the development of cultural enrichment in our communities.”

This collaboration between Mapletree and TENG has flourished, with scholars achieving multiple awards as soloists at the Singapore Chinese Music Competition (SCMC) 2022, which aims to discover new talents and raise musical standards. These Mapletree-TENG scholars include: Ryan Lim Ming Zheng (first prize in the Erhu Senior Category), Ee Anzhi (first prize in the Junior Dizi Category), and Ang De Jin (third prize in the Intermediate Zhongruan Category).    

TENG’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Mr Yang Ji Wei added, “The stellar results and achievements by our scholars at the SCMC 2022 is a testament to the strong and rigorous curriculum and programme they undergo. The scholarship provides them with deeper understanding of their craft. At TENG, we believe that no child should be denied  of an opportunity to learn music and we hope we can continue bringing out the best in each and every one of them in our newest cohort grooming the next generation of talented musicians for Singapore.”

Mapletree-TENG 2023 Scholar and Ruan musician Ang De Jin said, “I was surprised and extremely thankful to be awarded this scholarship a second time. This is a big stepping stone for me and allows me to grow as a person and musician through training and exposure that the scholarship provides. I look forward to making new friends and meeting new mentors along the scholarship journey and cannot wait to perform even more!”

More information about the Mapletree-TENG Scholarship is available at:

Mapletree-TENG Scholars


Name Age Instrument School
Ng Raeshon 12 Yangqin Red Swastika School
Juliette Goh Minzu 20 Guzheng Awaiting University Offer
Ang De Jin 19 Ruan Temasek Polytechnic
Lee Zhixin 11 Ruan Maha Bodhi School



Name Age Instrument School
Ee Anzhi 11 Dizi Poi Cheng School
Bernice Ng Jing Xuan 19 Guzheng ITE College East
Preston Ang 14 Suona Raffles Institution
Tan Ya Hui Eugenia 21 Erhu Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts


For more information on the previous batches of scholars, please click here.

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TENG is a leading not-for-profit Singaporean arts company that re-imagines the possibilities of Chinese music. Founded in 2004, the company comprises a collective of music educators, scholars and award-winning instrumentalists. TENG’s work draws its influence from the East and the West; and the traditional and the contemporary. 鼟 (pronounced ‘tēng’) – as one of the most complex characters in the Chinese language – is an ancient Chinese representation for the sound of a drum. It is a symbol of TENG’s aspiration to bring cultures together and empower future generations of musicians and audiences in and beyond Singapore.

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